Virgin Blogger

To begin with I am more of a twitter person and am not so much into blogging and stuff but yesterday I came across this TT (Trending Topic) #UgBloggers7days and am like, Why Not?

I have always had a silent addiction to blogging, fingers itching and mind racing with lots of crazy ideas that I could come up with but if you are familiar with physics then you definitely know the Law of Inertia which in brief is the reluctancy of an object to stop while in motion, I was in zero blogging motion and I was afraid/reluctant to begin blogging inspite of the fact that I had opened up a blog a few months ago.

Or maybe I was afraid of losing my way mid way through the blog, or simply because I never gave it too much thought, I can’t really tell

And now that I have broken the Law of Inertia I wish to never stop blogging, every idea that crops up I will put up and maybe I will be like Raymond or Kebs or Batambuze…you should be already familiar with those names if you’re a Ugandan blogger.

My fingers will itch no more and my ideas will never go to waste. Am out for now, looking forward to tomorrow to put up my second blog


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