The Idiot’s Guide to Avoiding Tweefs

Tweef – online twitter battle between two or more tweeps

Tweefs have been there from time immemorial but of recent there has been a rise in the number of tweefs, something unexplainable about them with some people using them as a rise to stardom and others thinking it’s some kind of bigwig thing. Usually the smallwig (someone of a much lesser influence on twitter) attacks a bigwig (someone of a bigger influence on twitter) as a way of attracting attention and getting more followers. Some small wigs though seem to be having genuine reasons for attacking bigwigs.

People always get up getting hurt to the extent of writing blogs, while other coil their tails between their legs and disappear from the scene for some time.

It’s because of this that I have decided to write something about avoiding tweefs

  1. Ignore; it’s never that serious; learn to ignore the trolls directed towards you. No one will continue hitting back at someone who doesn’t reply their tweets.
  2. Laugh it off; usually reply the provocative tweets with a ‘laughing emoji’ or ‘haha’, there is no comeback after laughing off an offending tweet.
  3. Block; if the worst gets to the worst then block that tweep trying to get to your bad side. Zari and BebeCool are good at that. Direct an offending tweet towards them and the next thing you know they will have blocked you.

Never subtweet the offender, remember he is trying to get to your ba side so they are probably on your TL checking and scrutinizing every single tweet, they will even consider tweets as “Goodmorning tweeps” as a subtweet. That only worsens the situation

Although some people derive fun from these tweefs the end is always the same with both parties hurt, so why engage in something were you aren’t going to get any form of satisfaction?

Follow my simple rules and believe you me you will be having a good time on the stweets.


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