The UOT Bigwig Mentality

Google Definition: Bigwig


Because they have the ability to influence the masses in a few thousands they think they control what UOT are supposed to do on their TLs, there is so much setting of standards and how one should or shouldn’t handle their accounts.

They got it all wrong, with just above 250,000 Ugandans on twitter, being able to influence about 4,000 people shouldn’t make you feel like Twitter ya Jajja wo. And just because you earn a living through tweeting and hosting a flop TV/radio show doesn’t mean you have the rights to trash what other people are trying to come up with.

They have a clique something like a Nigina of some sort, attack one of them and they will all come flooding your mentions or through subtweets. Sometime back a Ugandan tweep listed down the qualities a bigwig should have and these included a blog and the ability to be a social media influencer (SMIs) among other things but I think he also forgot to mention these two important things.

  1. Should be exemplary.
  2. Should have something unique that makes him/her standout.

But most of these Ugandan bigwigs are jealous, hate corrections and are shallow minded, they have a mentality that nothing on twitter cannot prosper without their involvement. I’ve told you before that people on these stweets are paid to tweet and you shouldn’t jump onto the bandwagon fwaaa… On 25th June there was a # started by a few disgruntled individuals trying to call off people from following Hon. Anite, behind that hashtag there was hatred and jealousness and what most of you didn’t realize is that it was actually a ‘tweef’ because someone refused/denied to follow the advice of a bigwig or so s(he) thinks, many of you may not agree with me and think it was because of the picture that Hon. Anite posted on her timeline with the words #GoBackward, you are all entitled to your opinions though.


These same individuals were not from the #GoForward JPAM camp. To them, whoever is handling her account isn’t doing it right which may be the case and because they offered advice which the ‘handler’ refused they threatened to get back at them via social media. This is what they did exactly.


Below is a mock conversation of what actually transpired

Person: Hey, I’m handling Anite’s twitter.

Bigwig: You aren’t doing it right

Person: I didn’t know there are classes for handling twitter accounts

Bigwig: Meet me up and I give you a few tips, you’re a smallwig

Person: I’m sorry I won’t be meeting you for any classes.

Bigwig: Since you’ve refused my lessons I will ‘teach’ you via twitter, I will inform members of my Nigina and make sure everyone unfollows Hon. Anite.

Blah blah…

If you ever offer someone advice and they refuse to take it, you don’t have to turn against them and start a hatred a campaign. Tebikuyamba.

I won’t drop the mic but rather head out and buy more battery cells for it…

To be continued…


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