The blog about nothing. In particular.

a L'engle fan page

I opened this blog to read what others have written. I have a sort of writer’s block because I recently had a bout of you know, reality.

Also everyone is doing blogs these days so it puts your prowess as a writer into perspective you know? Gets you asking questions like, am I even a good writer? It seems its easy for everyone to put their thoughts into 300 words rather eloquently so why bother? I know, I know, Im petty. We all have our eccentricities

I’m going to talk about nothing in particular. Just random thoughts as they come.


Why are we so mean? Something has turned us,the millenial generation into monsters. I include myself because at times i find myself being a cruel sadistic bitch to someone Ive never even met. why? what makes you decide that the appropriate response to the ‘Hi’ in a private message…

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