Hahaha thanks Kawalya


You wake up with a tone of utter disgust,
Bad breath and an ugly attitude
Towards life like you got something on it,
You forget to live because
Janice sleeps next door.

You want to please the girl
And other imaginary persons
That you’ve met online,
You are not at peace with your self,
Your soul is in mourning as you display a cold smile.

So, you go around buying expensive perfume,
Mouthwash, and an expensive attitude
You please Janice and all her friends
With a tag of cool on your coat
And a bag of debts on your back.

Life turns into a hustle,
Seasonal friends signup in your life,
Janice dumps you, and the people who demand
Take all those expensive shirts and gadgets
You are left with your ugly attitude and life to deal.

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