Hey Cheerleader

I want to give you a massage
To make you relax
Grip your boobs in my hands
While I teasingly massage your nipples
I want to massage your thighs
Your inner thighs
And do all kinds of naughty things
I will let your imagination figure that out

I want to hold you
I want to kiss you
Wish you were near
So you could whisper in my ear
Want to feel your scent while you creep your arms up on me
Touch me where no one has ever touched
Kiss me till I beg you to stop
Tease me till you want me in you

Let’s make love
Like never before
Feel me as I feel you
Kiss me as I kiss you
Sex me while I pleasure you

Nobody can ever want you the way I do
Nobody will ever pleasure you the way I do
Because we make love with passion

Let’s have sex like never before
Actually No, let’s make love
Pull your hair while you moan out loud
Kiss your neck
Kiss on your nipples while I guide myself downwards for the southern cuisine
Let me get covered in your wetness

I wanna feel you deep inside
Deeper than ever before
Thrust my full length in you
Till you cry and scream that i stop
I want nothing other than  to pleasure you
Till your body weakens


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