The Holy Week has been UNHOLY

Interesting times we are living in as Easter draws near.

Am wondering how a minister caught red handed receiving a bribe is granted bail yet Stella Nyanzi whose crime is to standup against ills like corruption remains behind bars.

We are wondering how yesterdays preachers of woman emancipation are today’s practitioners of women enslavement. I have diagnosed and in our leaders i have discovered an illness called schizophrenia.

They asked that we to join the birthday run, run for fistula and we never hesitated as we ran the marathon they ran and demolished our beaches, our markets and our source of livelihood.

We are seeing culprits being freed yet the innocent remained chained. Crime has tasted freedom as innocence is suppressed, the holy week has been unholy, we have seen with our eyes truth being imprisoned & denied bail as immorality flourishes.

In a society like such when all have sworn allegiance to the God of crime you continue to observe the combatants of crime all at the hand of crime.

You cross boarders and you look at a country bound by international laws with a UN charter in place bomb a sovereign country called Syria over allegations without consulting the congress or even resolutions from the security council.

Man has made the world inhabitable for fellow man some breed of men act as if the directive at creation was only given to them  “Go ye and subdue the world
We seem not to have equal say in the affairs of the world some men have assumed positions of kingship and others should resign in slavery.

The slaves want to believe that maybe the world is not my home but yet they should be consoled by the words of Dr.King that even when truth is crucified on the cross at Calvary Hill and buried, truth buried to the ground will rise on Easter Sunday.

Not all men are equal, the suppressed will rise again. Even air when compressed will eventually find it’s way out.

These events will come to pass and man shall be free again. Man should be able to proclaim that we have seen the risen Lord with our own eyes.

-John Kiwanuka (Kampala Grilled Rabbits)


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